The Art of Soft-Boiling an Egg

How do you cook the perfect soft boiled egg? I asked my family this question and they had a few different responses. So in the spirit of experimentation, I tried Leanne, my sister-in-law’s method on both a gas & an electric stove, as well as my mother’s suggestion.

My first attempt was Leanne’s way, using a gas stove. I put 1 egg in a pot of cool water with a splash of vinegar & brought it to a boil. Then set the timer for 4 minutes & promptly ran it under cold water to stop the cooking.

IMG_3628IMG_3630My egg turned out quite well, albeit not perfect. The white was nice and firm, but the yolk was slightly more cooked than I would have preferred. The yolk was still runny and I could dip french fries into it, but there was too thick of a wall of cooked yolk around the runny centre.

Attempt #2 – Same method, but this time on an electric stove, since that’s what Leanne uses and I was curious how the different heat source would affect the cooking of the egg. Both Leanne and I were baffled when my egg turned out to be more of a soft, hard boiled egg.

Attempt #3 – I took my mom’s suggestion and brought my pot of water to a boil first, added a pinch of salt and then my cold egg. Let it cook 4 mins and then ran it under cold water. I guess mother still knows best, since it turned out perfectly! The egg white was fully cooked and the yolk was completely liquid & perfect for dipping toast into.IMG_3633

I think this method could work for up to about 50 eggs but I’m not sure it would work for 500 eggs. I think putting 500 cold eggs into boiling water at once would cause too much of a temperature drop, so you would probably need to leave them in the water for 1-2 mins longer.

Until next time!


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