Off to the Market

KensingtonLatoyota & I went to Kensington Market today, on a quest to taste new food.  I had heard all about Kensington & the eclectic mix of food shops, but had never been before and this assignment provided the perfect reason to go. Not too far into our wandering, we were drawn up the street by the smell of bbq meat. What we found was a guy cooking Jerk Chicken on the bbq, outside a little hole-in-the-wall shop – The Rasta Pasta.

Rasta-Pasta             IMG_3290

Latoya wanted to go in because she was hungry for lunch and it looked & smelled appetizing, I agreed. We would continue to walk around, searching for new flavours afterwards. Turns out, I didn’t need to look any farther, I had found a new food to try. With encouragement from Latoya & assurance that I would enjoy it, I decided to try stewed oxtail. I have eaten Jerk Chicken and Curried Goat before and enjoyed them both, so I figured I would probably enjoy this too.


The meat had a rich, dark brown colour, which contrasted nicely with the pale rice & beans (which they call peas). It tasted similar to braised beef but with more of a cinnamon/clove tone. The ratio of fat to meat was especially similar to braised beef cheeks I’ve tried in Australia. The rice & peas complemented the beef, having the same warm spiced flavour as the meat. I would most certainly eat this again, probably during the fall vs the heat of summer, since it’s a heavier meat that I liken to a hearty stew or braised beef. The only thing I didn’t like, was all the bones still attached to the chunks of beef. The meat fell right off the bones, but it was an inconvenience to separate each piece of meat from its bone. I’m told that cooking & serving oxtail with the bones still attached is a personal choice that some people do and others remove the bones.

I will be back to try out the Jerk Chicken that first caught our attention with that smoky bbq smell. 🙂


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