My Culinary Biography

 Welcome food lovers to my culinary journey!
My name’s Jen Muir & I want to be a chef because I have a serious passion for good quality food; I love making it, eating it, and learning all about it. I also love to travel, so being a chef would give me the ability to combine my interests. That being said, I currently have no experience working in the industry.
My parents and European grandparents were very influential in the development of my cooking knowledge and personal philosophy. My parents raised my brothers & I to always eat what we were served and to never say we didn’t like a particular food without trying it first. A willingness to try anything once, whether it’s cooking or eating, is very important to me, and has led to many interesting and usually tasty food experiences.
 I love learning about new techniques and foods; so I hope to gain knowledge and experience cooking various foods, as well as knife skills and a taste of what it will be like working in the industry.
I’m not sure where this saying is from but I think it sums up my thoughts on food perfectly.
      There are those who eat to live & those who live to eat.
(I am one of the latter!)

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